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Round bales have significantly reduced the amount of work it takes to handle hay However, feeding has still been a labour intensive job – until now The Tubeline Bale Feeder takes the hassle out of feeding large round bales while also helping to reduce spoilage caused by bales sitting outside in bulky inefficient stationary feeders

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Hi-Hog's fence line feeder panels are designed for reducing feed waste while feeding square bales, loose hay or silage in fence lines, barns or sheds. Hi-Hog offers four fence line feed panels to serve a variety of purposes for a variety of livestock including cattle calves, cows or bulls, bison and horses; tombstone feeder panel, hurricane feeder panel, slant-bar feeder panel, and creep ...

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/ Goat Feeders; OSF38 OUTSIDE CREEP FEEDER. ... Fenceline Feeder. F16 16" HAY/GRAIN FEEDER. This single-animal hay and grain feeder is ideal for lambing and kidding jugs or any pen with one animal in it. ... These panels can be pinned around a large round or square bale. The animals can push panels in as they consume the bale, or the panels can ...

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Save time & money with Klene Pipe's hay feeder for horses, cattle & livestock. We also carry run in horse shelters, shade structures & mineral feeders.

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forage storage and feeding plans skip ... covered feeder for large round bales. 6249: 1: portable feeder for big bales. 6279: 3: hay barn for automatic bale stacker-wagons. 46' x 96'. pole. ... fence line hay feeder for big round bales. t4163: 1: hay feeding rack for big round bales. t4164: 1:

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Herd Feeding Equipment ... Frey Round Bale Feeder. The Frey Round Bale Feeder is constructed for the purpose of feeding and saving hay. Our bar spacing is larger than most on the market. We are also higher in overall height for more cow comfort. With our positive locking, the feeders are cow-proof for long lasting life and many dollars of feed ...

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#885B Collapsible Round Bale Feeder This round bale feeder is designed for round bales. With two stationary sides and two push sides the animals are able to get to all the hay. The special designed latch system helps to eliminate hay loss by making the animals eat ahead of themselves.

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Portable Feeder for Big Bales. Plans for a covered cattle feeder on skids that holds large hay bales. Slant Bar Feeder Panels (various sizes) Plans to create a cattle feeder of varying size to hold round hay bales. Feed Cart. A feed cart for cattle on wheels. It is 24"-30" high, 25-1/2" wide and 48"-72" long. Beef Feeding Pens Counter Sloped

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Barn World sells premium hay feeders perfect for any size farm and ranch. To maximize your profits, make sure you minimize your waste by keeping your hay in front of your animals and not under them!

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For a cattle feeder that won't let you down, call on Farmco Manufacturing. Our products offer solutions for some of the biggest issues facing farmers today. Farmco's top quality cattle feeding equipment & cattle feeders for sale are manufactured in the USA. Explore our selection of models & find a dealer near you!

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Nov 18, 2016· The fence line feeding system that Dr. Higgins designed is now installed and ready for use at ESF. The last gates have been hung and the structures are waiting for colder weather and the need to feed hay. ... Now that the structures are complete we plan to record how many bales are fed through each feeder and how many cattle are fed using the ...

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Round Bale Fence Line Cattle Hay Feeder. Klene Pipe's model BK-6 hay feeder for cattle is designed to feed large round or big square hay bales in a fence line. No more going into the lot to feed. Not only will the BK-6 cattle hay feeder save hay, it will save you a lot of time and effort.

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$20 for 1st page, $5 for each additional page Click here for entire list of blueprints. To order, please contact the University Resource Center at (970) 491-6198 or toll free at 877-692-9358, or e-mail us at [email protected] Number Date Pages Description 5074 1933 1 Ear Corn Self Feeder 5763 1 Movable Calf Creep Feeder 5764 1 Movable Calf […]

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The Klene Pipe Model cattle hay feeder is designed so you can feed large round or big square bales in a fence line, no more going into the lot to feed. In addition to being a stand-along hay feeder, this cattle feeder was also designed to hook together as many units that you would like. If you line up 150 feet of this feeder you could feed 24, 1,500 lb hay bales at a time.

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Round hay bales are the common method for feeding livestock and horses in many areas. If hay is simply placed on the ground without any feeder, a percentage of the feed will be wasted when the animals walk on the hay that falls from the bale as the animals eat.

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Round Bale Feeder Hay Wagon Fenceline Feeders Hay Bunks "Skids" Horse Hay Bunks Hay Transport Flat Racks. Hog & Cattle Loading Chutes. Cattle Stationary Cattle Portable Hog 3-Way Enclosed Hog Straight Enclosed. Rolling Baskets & Tillage. Pull Type Single Mounted Double Mounted. Box Scrapers. Standard Duty Heavy Duty.

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Fence Line & Stanchion Feeders . These feeders will allow you to conveniently feed your livestock from the fence line rather than the feedyard. Available in 10', 12', 16', and 24' lengths, and 42" or 60" widths ... Creep Feeders Feeder Wagons Small / Medium Feeders Fence Line Feeders Bale Transporters Forks & Spikes Range Feeders. PALCO Equipment.

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The Fence Line Bunk Feeder is built for your barnyard or fence line feeding operation. Available in 34" & 48" widths. Available in lengths every 2' from 8' to 24'.

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Combination hay and feed fence line bunk feeder is designed to hold hay and feed. The stanchion bars are welded 14″ apart to limit head movement, thus saving hay. The main frame is welded into a solid unit from heavy wall 2 1/2″ O.D. steel pipe along with 2″ x 8″ grade #1 treated lumber bolted on. The feeder measures 50″ from the ground to the top.

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Hi-Hog has 4 styles of heavy duty round bale hay feeders for you to choose from. From cow/calf feeders to bull, bison or horse feeders, Hi-Hog has a rugged feeder that will help you reduce hay waste. Choose from Hi-Hog's tombstone feeder, twister feeder (slant-bar), hurricane and Tornado (coned feeder). Also, multi-bale feeders, fence line feeder panels, feed dispenser, and bale handling ...

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V Bar Hay Feeder (3) HaySmart Bale Feeder (1) Super Duty Bale Feeder (1) Heavy Duty Bale Feeder (1) 2 Pc. Heavy Duty Feeder (2) Sheeted Medium Duty Bale Feeder (1) Medium Duty Bale Feeder (1) Economy Bale Feeder (1) Century Bale Feeders (1) Hay Feeder Panels (5) HaySmart Horse Bale Feeder (1) Horse Ring Bale Feeder (1) Open Top Bale Feeder (1)

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Cashman Feeder Panels: Available in lengths from 4' to 16' in even increments, these panels offer a solid bottom and "S" bars to help reduce feed waste. These panels are made with heavy duty tubular steel. The drop pin system provides quick and easy installation. From 4' to 16' in even increments; 50″ tall; Use like a round bale ...

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Find hay feeders and other essential livestock equipment at Agri Supply, where we have more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden. Our round bale feeders are 8 feet in diameter and 45 inches high for cattle and 55 inches high for horses. Horse feeders can be bought in round-bale or bunk feeder styles or to mount on a fence.

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Jan 12, 2015· The bales are easily placed from the road, and the horses (this would work for cows also) feed from the fenceline. They can't get in to wallow around on the hay. Two of these fence line feeders, fitting two round bales each, were constructed. Four of these round bales last the horses quite a while, a couple of weeks.

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Forever Products, Fence Line Bunks, Grain Feedbunks, & Big Bale Skid Feeders Ackerman Distributing Livestock & Agricultural Equipment (800)-726-9091, (970)-284-5599 La Salle, CO.

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Titan Tall Bull Feeder subheader=3-Piece Super Round Bale Feeder. ... Cattle Large Square Bale Hay Feeder. Cattle Fence Line Feeder Panels. Hay Rack for Bunk Feeders. ... Cattle Fence Line Feeder Panels with Hay Saver . Creep Feeders. Featured. 165-Bushel Portable Creep Feeder.

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Feb 06, 2015· Results are less than 5% hay waste! Our Revolutionary, animal activated livestock feeder handles round bales, large square bales, loose hay, and processed hay. This collapsible feeder is …

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Apr 18, 2019· Watch the FULL VIDEO TOUR (9 min.) for the Large Hay Feeder and see a walk-through of the system's specifications, post feeding results/observations, and farm management implications. For more ...

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BK-6 is designed so you can feed large round or big square bales in a fence line, Contact us for shipped prices. Round Bale Fence Line Hay Feeder for Cattle. BK-6 is designed so you can feed large round or big square bales in a fence line, Contact us for shipped prices ... Goat Feeder …

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Equipment that performs second to none. Apache has been providing the cattle and farming industry with quality livestock feeding and hay handling equipment for over 30 years. Whether your operation calls for creep feeders, feeder wagons, hay feeders, feed bunks, bale transporters or spikes, you can be assured that Apache's equipment will out ...